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What Are the Right Labs for You?

Convene Labs are in-person, virtual, or hybrid environments equipped with the resources you need to drive progress.

Strategy Lab

Strategy Lab

Strategy Lab is driven by our Zero to Plan in 90 Days approach to strategic planning led by a facilitator. To stay in the driver’s seat, plans should serve you, not you serve the plan.

Facilitation Lab

Discover The Cure For Common Meetings

Facilitation Lab, led by a skilled facilitator, is a custom session designed, developed, and delivered to meet your unique needs, from an intimate team-building session to a large public forum. Skilled facilitation differentiates a productive meeting from a waste of time in any environment.

Consulting Lab

Put our 20+ Years of Subject Matter & People Expertise to the test. Hire an experienced, objective third-party expert to help you see the forest for the trees in a Consulting Lab.

Training Lab

Training Labs are fully equipped growth environments that put the learner first. Experience targeted content, skill-building engagement, and a master facilitator of the learning journey.

Coaching Lab

New Role. New Expectation. New Normal. Get a Coach! Coaching Lab is a powerful tool for accelerating your growth in alignment with change.

Design Lab

Even great facilitation can't save a terrible design. Design Lab is the one-stop-shop for all your instructional design needs.