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Tierah Lothbrok founded Convene Lab to bring an alternative to traditional strategic planning to the marketplace. As a sought-after national facilitator for her skill in leading executive teams and her expertise in process design and strategy, she realized a common need that did not appear to have an obvious solution through the existing business avenues. Simply put, the other options were either too limited in their approach and scope or had proven to be impractical or ineffective.
From this need, Zero-to-Plan-in-90-Days was born. It is not a static planning model, though it contains a robust planning component. Rather, Zero-to-Plan-in-90-Days is a dynamic operating model designed to provide the organizational focus and structure you need to fulfill your mission while responding to the ever-changing landscape of the marketplace. This is where your vision meets reality. This is where decisions have to be made everyday, not just once every five years. Visioneering anticipates the needs of a maturing organization in real time while driving alignment with the vision to sustain a mission focus.

That is why organizations from all sectors choose Tierah and this model with its supporting alignment tools, training and coaching.

When Tierah is not engaged in helping organizations define or align with their vision, she is seeking adventure, camera in hand or demonstrating her "Granny Bob" superpowers with her granddaughter, Kayden. She is blessed with an amazing circle of friends that she prays will still be at her side when she finally gets around to writing those books.

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CEO / Award-Winning Facilitator/ Trainer/ Coach

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