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Over the course of my career, I've met "process" people and "people" people, but have rarely encountered both qualities in one individual. I created Doyle Strategies to harness my unique style blending process thinking to ensure efficiency, clarity of purpose, and attention to detail, with a focus on relationships and connecting people for deeper engagement and satisfaction. My core services include meeting design/facilitation, strategic communications, and partnership development/management, but I work closely with each client to tailor my services to their unique needs.
As a professional facilitator and communicator, I've spent 15 years leading strategic partnerships and communications, program management, and policy in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. This includes nearly a decade of specialized experience at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, managing communications, policy, and partnership initiatives across the chronic disease, violence prevention, and infectious disease fields; 4 years managing employee communications and media relations at a Fortune 100 telecommunications firm; and 2 years of domestic and global nonprofit management and marketing experience.

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Certified Master Facilitator / Trainer

"Nadine was visionary when it came to the planning and facilitation of a 90+ person summit with a diverse group of professionals ranging from healthcare professionals to law enforcement officials."

- Allison Delgado, Program Manager, American Academy of Pediatrics

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