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He has over 25 years of leadership, coaching, project management, and training experience.
He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and internationally advising and training organizations on how to apply principles and best practices of facilitation in order to generate healthy team and individual performance. He has consistently made it easy for organizations to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their projects by introducing a proven methodology of effective team performance. The critical skills contained in this process are transferred through a training course that is interactive, practical, and dynamic and has seen 1000s of individuals complete. Participants leave with the ability to communicate more effectively, ask better questions, generate creative solutions, increase problem solving skills, manage dysfunctional behavior, build consensus, and generate energy throughout the life-cycle of every project. As a result, he is being repeatedly asked to return to major corporations and continue his work not only because of the behavioral change the employees are experiencing but, more importantly, because of the measurable results that those new, healthy behaviors are achieving.

He started his career as an Army officer and used those rare leadership experiences to lead him into the business world as a consultant, facilitator, and solutions architect.

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Certified Master Facilitator / Trainer / Coach

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