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Steve specializes in Change Management. He is a former executive with over thirty years experience at several Fortune 100 companies.

As a Certified Master Facilitator™ (CMF), and experienced performance coach, Steve leads fast paced meetings that engage teams, reach solid decisions, inspire action, and get results. His unique style and approach help leaders achieve their desired objectives while building team unity and camaraderie at the same time. He is also a Prosci master instructor in change management practice.

In addition to being a Certified Master Facilitator, Steve leads Bush Group Consulting, which provides change management strategy and consulting services to its clients. Steve also is a professional keynote, and international conference speaker.

Steve lives in Northern California with his wife Jessalynn, and have five children between them, and one granddaughter. For fun, he enjoys riding motorcycles, reading history and live music.

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Certified Master Facilitator

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